Warwich Highschool Class of 1965 Picnic in the Park 2014

27 September

Last update 2 Oct. - More to come.


Fred Sample chats with Priscilla Spangler Stoner

Lyndell Landis Brubaker Jean  Meisky Styer
Tim Styer

Ron Frederick, Jim Reed, and  Jim Brewer

Jean  Reed (Jim's Wife), Dave Newcomer,
Peggy Bard Rooney, and Fred Sample

Terry Marxen and Lyndell Landis

Jill (Mrs. Tom) Oehme and Elsie Bradley Heist

Priscilla, Lyndell, Janice, and
Don (Tom's brother) Brubaker

Donna Rader Vuksta chats with Janice Myer Reidenbaugh  

Kay Kline Redcay and her husband Barry

Diana Davidson Long

Tom Brubaker, Priscilla Spangler Stoner, and
Jean  Reed (Jim's Wife)

Tim Styer, Jean  Meisky Styer, and
Bobbie  Adams O'leary


Dr. Dave's friend Monica , Dave Newconer, and Mr. & Mrs. John Hornberger
with  Oehme  cousins Bill and Tom in the background
A little entertainment courtesy of Dave Newcomer
Donna, Lyndell, Terry,  Janice, Kay, and  Fay Burkholder Kline
get the word on next year's reunion from Peggy Bard Rooney