WHS Class of '65 Mini Reunion

Many people avoid Facebook,  claiming that the application is too invasive.  However, it was a catalyst for a mini-reunion of the Warwick Class of 1965 held in December 2009.   Tom Murr,who resides in Indiana, visits his mom in Lititz during the holiday season.  He indicated to Terry Kegel Johnson the dates in December he would be "home".   Terry, in turn, notified several people, and it blossomed into a beautiful day!!

Word of mouth and invitations on Facebook enhanced the luncheon, finally finding 20 classmates and three guests who attended.  Happy faces and constant chatter filled the 5 hours we spent together.  Did I mention that the waiters keep encouraging us to sit and eat?  We all wanted to talk and catch up!  When the meal was finished, we all took a turn giving the highlights of the years since high school. 

At the days end, we all promised to help with a reunion and stay in touch.  We all agreed that time passes way too fast!

                                                                                                                   Bobbie Adams O'leary

Dave Fyock, MaryAlice Graybill Fyock, Judy Kalenich Brinkman, Diane Zook Urban, Susan Johnson

Bob Rosenberg, Dave Newcomer, Randy Reist
John Hornberger, Terry Kegel Johnson, Diana Davidson Long, Tom Murr

Monika, Dave Newcomer, Jan Myer Reidenbaugh, Priscilla Spangler Stoner

Charlie Breinig, AnnGearhart Breinig

Bobbie Adams O'Leary, Peggy Bard Rooney, Jean Meisky Styer

 Anita Soto, Sam Soto, Tim Styer

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